Monzo and Revolut changed the banking experience for Millennials (aka Gen Y), turning the tedious process of opening a bank account into something you can do right on your phone.

Gone are the days of lining up at the bank, filling out form after form, before “patiently” waiting 3 weeks for your bank card to arrive.

Just as the Challenger Banks changed the banking experience for Millennials (and many others), they’ve also begun to change the way financial institutions think about targeting other younger generations. …

Startups and creators can both thrive in this new economic chapter

How many times over the past few months have you seen friends showing off their freshly baked sourdough? Decorating their hand-made pottery? Or launching their new yoga, podcast or makeup series on Instagram?

More time at home means more time to practice the things we do in our downtime — our hobbies. But our passion projects no longer need to be confined to evenings and weekends. Thanks to what many have dubbed the “passion economy”, individuals can now make money from their niches, and decide when and how they want to work.

How we got where we are today:

  • The Widget Economy

Over the last century, the…

Agriculture is under threat, and the need for increased farming efficiency is paramount. Population growth, consequences from the changing climate, and a dwindling agricultural workforce exacerbated by COVID-19 mean that we face significant challenges in order to feed our future world.

  • The global population is sky-rocketing.

As the global population steadily grows year on year, studies suggest that there will be 3 billion more mouths to feed by 2050 — meaning farmers will have to produce about 70% more food. Though alarming, rapid population growth is not the only issue affecting global food security.

  • Climate change is having an unprecedented…

The changes that COVID-19 has wrought on our daily lives can hardly be overstated. Restrictions on personal travel that are keeping us safe and healthy have also ushered in new ways of working, socializing, and taking care of ourselves and loved ones.

Fortunately, existing tech solutions have taken some of the distance out of social distancing. We use Zoom to hold work meetings from the comfort of our homes, Houseparty on weekends to catch-up with friends, and telehealth apps like Babylon to speak with a doctor for health advice.

It comes as no surprise that the usage of telehealth apps…

Katie Kim

VC Investor in applied AI, marketplace and e-commerce startups with Forward Partners (London UK). Previously investor with Vanedge Capital (Vancouver BC).

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